Shipping Info

For the Coffee Lovers store we have different shipping for each category.


All coffee ordered on the Coffee Lovers store is roasted to order. That means your coffee is not roasted until after you place your order. This is to ensure you receive your coffee at it's freshest. Coffee is at it's most vibrant, flavor-wise, from about 5 days after roast to about 20 days after roast. 

The order and roasting schedule varies depending on the roaster, and is explained on each page for the coffee in question.

Shipping (US): (additional costs for international)

1 - 2 Bags: $7

3 - 8 Bags: $14


Coffee Lovers Box

The Coffee Lovers Box is on its own special schedule. Each month, I pick out 3 coffees I've been enjoying to feature in the box. Orders will be open for that specific box until a specific date - set on the Coffee Lovers Box page. You'll see a timer on that page counting down to the end of the orders for the currently available box. 

Once the time is up, and orders close, then all the coffee for the box that month will be roasted, and all the boxes will be put together and shipped at that time. 

Shipping for The Coffee Lovers Box is FREE for US Addresses (additional cost for shipping internationally).


Coffee Tools, Accessories, and Merchandise

I work with a number of suppliers and manufacturers to bring you some of the best coffee brewing tools and merchandise I can find.

Shipping times can vary depending on supply of the product itself, and when you place your order.

Shipping for brewing tools and merch can be anywhere from 10-39 days. Some special situations are detailed on each product page. 

Currently, some products are available ONLY for US shipping - international options may be made available in the future.

If you see a product you really want and you don't get a shipping option, visit the chat support button in the lower right corner of your screen (or at the bottom if you are on a phone), and let me know - I'll get back to you ASAP with a solution.